Prevent Cavities with Pediatric Dental Visits

Did you know that one of the big reasons why children miss hours of school every year is because they develop cavities and need to receive treatment? In fact, dental cavities are one of the most common diseases affecting children today. We encourage you to bring your child to the dentist regularly to prevent cavities… Read more »

Oral Hygiene for Kids: Common Questions Asked

If you have questions about your child’s oral hygiene routine, then you have come to the right blog. Today, our dentists, Drs. Walter Romney, Briant Romney, and Clark Romney are happy to help many who have the same questions. To do so, they would like to answer commonly asked questions about oral hygiene for kids…. Read more »

Expectations for a Child’s Exam

We hope that all of your visits to our office are peaceful and exciting, for you and for your children. We recognize that a few children have an irrational fear of the dentist’s office, and we do all that we can to make their visits peaceful, starting when they are very young. Here are some… Read more »

The Habits That Can Affect Your Child’s Smile

Did you know there are habits in the world today that can harm your child’s smile? Well, it’s true. As you may already know, it’s best to help your child avoid them at all costs. To help you do so, our pediatric dentists, Drs. Romney, Romney, and Romney, would be happy to tell you all… Read more »

Statistics About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

If baby bottle tooth decay evolves for too long without dental procedures, options for recuperation become few and far between. While it’s never the first thing we suggest, your child might end up in need of surgery to extricate their affected teeth if the baby bottle tooth decay has progressed too much. When this is… Read more »

Is Your Child Eating Toothpaste?

If you are the parent of a small child, you know that you need to keep an eye on them at all times. They will find all sorts of things to put in their mouths, and they may try to eat things that they should not. Toothpaste is not made to be eaten, and while… Read more »

Important Talking Points About Chewing Gum

Did you know there are plenty of oral health care treatments beyond brushing and flossing that you can implement into your oral healthcare routine to improve your oral health? In fact, even techniques such as chewing sugarless gum have been proven to be highly effective for your smile. According to numerous studies, chewing sugarless gum… Read more »

Should I be Concerned About Fluorosis in My Child?

If your city has fluoride in its drinking water, than chances are good that between the water and their toothpaste, your child is receiving enough fluoride. Before supplementing your child’s fluoride intake you should talk with your dentist. Fluorosis is a condition that affects the teeth of children. If your child receives too much fluoride… Read more »

Fun Facts About Tooth Brushing for Kids

The fundamentals of brushing effectively for infants and young children is up to you. Your children cannot take care of their teeth, so you must do it for them. From the moment their first tooth grows in and every day until they are old enough to accomplish the task themselves, you must be there to… Read more »

You Can Help Preserve the Health of Your Child’s Teeth with Dental Sealants

Preserving the health of your child’s teeth has always been important to you and Dr. . This is of even greater importance as their primary teeth give way to the permanent set that will need to serve them throughout adulthood. Many times, the permanent premolars molars and premolars in the back of the mouth develop… Read more »