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If your child sucks their thumb, you should break the habit as soon as possible. This may not always be easy, but the longer the habit goes on, the greater the risk the child becomes for permanent dental damage. Listed below are some important facts and information to remember about thumb sucking:

– Excessive bouts of thumb sucking at an advanced age will lead to a growth hindrance in a child’s permanent set.
– Try speaking with your child about thumb sucking, and warn them of the dangers it entails
– Always try to praise your child and never appear mad at them, as thumb sucking is a very personal trait to many children, and they will use it as a security blanket.
– If your child will not easily give up the bad habit, their pediatrician can use a foul-tasting substance to coat their thumbs. This helps curb their behaviors.
– Never switch out thumb sucking with praises for pacifiers either. Although pacifiers are an easier habit to break, it can have the same negative effects on your child’s smile.

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